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Wized, is a much more powerful version than Platform Wizards. It is a lot more intuitive to use and contains long awaited features such as support for Stripe, REST API's, on-page filtering and so much more! Check it out now. Due to this change, we will discontinue Platform Wizards and turn it off on the 31.12.2021. If you need help with the migration from Platform Wizards to Wized. Let us know.



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Works with Webflow

Build real web applications in minutes not months.

Turn your websites into feature complete web applications without writing code. Similar to Bubble, but you can continue using Webflow for building your front-end.

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How it works.

Design & build your website / front end.

Platform Wizards supports almost any website builder but we recommend using Webflow for building your front-end.

Create a database for your application.

Never done before? Luckily there is Airtable where creating a database is as easy as working with Excel. We plan to also support Firebase in future.

Configure access routes to your data.

Connect your database to Platform Wizards. Model user permissions and define access routes. Don’t worry. There is also no need to code here.

Integrate Platform Wizards to your website.

Control which data should get injected where and choose what data you want to make editable for your users. Add a login and monetization.

Supports authentication and custom user permissions.

Secure authentication.
No trade-offs.

We did the hard work and and built a Fort Knox around user logins and permissions. So you can relax and focus on shipping new features to your clients.

You will always have full ownership of your data.

As of today Platform Wizards works exclusively with Airtable. Use the world's best no-code database service to create a database that perfectly fits your case.

Start building today!

Build real web applications in minutes not months.

Get started - 7 day risk free free trial

“Iterate faster than ever and build the custom experience your users deserve.”

Jonas Beisswenger

Founder of Platform Wizards

Zero coding required.

That means code spaghetti is a thing of the past. And you can build and ship new features for your web application in minutes instead of days.

Build your front end with Webflow.

Of course, Platform Wizards also works with other site builders, but none of them can match the amazing possibilities that Webflow offers. Give Webflow a try.

Coming soon

Monetize your platform.

Build custom payment flows to accept recurring and one-time payments everywhere inside your web application.

Continue using all those tools you love. No need to work with a new, inflexible website builder.

No-code front end.

Whether you want to code your own HTML front-end or go with a no-code website builder such as Webflow. Platform Wizards integrates seamlessly and never restrains your design possibilities.

No-code back end.

Use Tools like Zapier or Integromat in combination with Airtable to build almost every back end function you can dream of.

Start building today!

Build real web applications in minutes not months.

Get started - 7 day risk free free trial